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Q Which three action capabilities are provided with the Cisco onePK Data Path Service Set? (Choose three.) 

A. drop 

B. purge 

C. L4 redirect 

D. bypass 

E. copy 

F. respond 

G. divert 

Answer: A,E,G Explanation: 


Q Which command will provide a similar output to the onep_element_get_property method? 

A. show clock 

B. show version 

C. show interface NULL0 

D. show running-configuration 

Answer: B Explanation: 


Q Which important task must an engineer perform during the development phase? 

A. Use comments sparingly in the code. 

B. Ensure that software components perform a well-defined task. 

C. Execute integration test cases. 

D. Gather initial business requirements. 

Answer: B Explanation: 


Q Refer to the exhibit When the Java code is executed, which value is printed? 

A. 100 

B. 200 

C. 10000 

D. compile error 

Answer: B Explanation: 


Q Which Layer 4 port must be permitted between a Cisco onePK application and a Cisco device to enable secure connections? 

A. TCP 22 

B. TCP 443 

C. UDP 15002 

D. TCP 15002 

E. TCP 15003 

F. UDP 15003 

G. TCP 15002/ UDP 15003 

H. TCP 15003/ UDP 15002 

Answer: D Explanation: 


Q Which three packages must be included in an application with dynamic link libraries written in C language? (Choose three.) 

A. README text file 

B. C source code of the application 

C. C source code of the libraries 

D. binary file of the application 

E. binary file of the libraries 

F. symbol file for debugging 

Answer: A,D,E Explanation: 


Q Which packaging is correct for a Java web application that is enabled for Cisco onePK? 

A. .jar file 

B. .tar file 

C. .war file 

D. .exe file 

E. .zip file 

Answer: C Explanation: 


Q Which five package formats are valid for Linux distributions and BSD systems? (Choose five.) 

A. deb 







Answer: A,B,C,E,F Explanation: 


Q Which option describes a semaphore data structure? 

A. an array data structure to get command line options 

B. an atomic data structure to be used for inter-process communication 

C. a simple data structure to return an error code 

D. a list of data structure to graph coordinate data 

Answer: B Explanation: 


Q In Unified Model Language, which diagram describes the interaction between objects? 

A. the sequence diagram 

B. the class diagram 

C. the component diagram 

D. the use case diagram 

Answer: A Explanation: 

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